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Parents & Players

  • What do I need to do as a parent to register my child/children to play soccer?

When clicking the Register Now button, you will be prompted to create a Member Account in US Soccer Connect with a unique username and password. This single family account can be used for multiple player registrations and allows for the management of all members via one set of login credentials. Once created, you can access your account by selecting the Member Login button anytime on your club or league website. Step-by-step registration guide - Player Registration Flow

  • What precautions are taken to ensure my child plays soccer in a safe and secure environment?

Stack Sports works closely with the State Association to ensure that medical information is collected during registration and can be accessed by club and team admins, all team officials have successfully passed background checks to comply with State specifications, and all State waivers are included in online registration. These waivers must be acknowledged and signed by all applicable parties.

  • Where can I upload a photo and birth certificate of my child?

Photos and approved birth documents can be uploaded during online registration or in your Member Account anytime. Administrators also have the ability to upload.

  • Are payment plans supported on Connect?

Your club or league has the ability to offer Payment Plans for your convenience. Please contact your club/league for more information as needed.

  • How do I register to multiple clubs for tryouts?

You will need to register with each club your child wants to tryout with. This will require an accont creation with each club, however you can use a single sign-on (same login credentials across all clubs). You will receive a notification from the club if your child makes a team. In order to accept the team placement for the club of your choice, login to your member account and click the Accept button. Any fees charged by that club will then be generated to your account after acceptance.

  • Who will be the primary contact and will we need two seperate accounts for correspondence if the players' parents do not live together?

Registration allows a family to add up to two Parent/Guardians per family. All email communications will be sent to those entered in the Parent/Guardian fields during registration. All families will share one login. For divorced parents, grandparents, babysitters, etc that would like to be included on communication and scheduled events for that team, they can be added to Team Connect by a club or team admin.

  • What if I forget my password?

From the login screen, select your username and click Forgot Your Password? to reset.


  • What information is required to complete a Background check?

To complete a background check, all coaches must register online in order to agree to the background check authorization and disclusre. This registration will include any required data fields needed by your State Association or Club/League, and require a Social Security number and electronic signature.

  • What happens if I coach multiple teams in the same club or teams in other clubs?

If you coach multiple teams in the same club, you will only need to register once. You will select the Coach Pool category during your online registration which will allow your administrator to assign you to multiple teams. If you are coaching in multiple clubs, you will need to register with each club. However, your background check application and approval will carry over regardless of where you register.

  • Do we need two seperate accounts if I have a child that will be registering for the same club or league?

No. The simplicity of US Soccer Connect allows a family to have a single account to manage and still be able to register to both player and coach events for all family members.

  • Do coaches and team admins have the ability to print medical releases and rosters?

Yes, as long as your club administrator has enabled Team Connect for your team(s). You can print rosters and medical releases from the Roster tab.

Club/League Administrators

  • How can I assign additional admin users to the club and what permission levels can I set?

The primary contact for each club or league was given US Soccer Connect access with the creation of their system. If you are the primary contact, locate your club/league URL on the directory tab of your State registration site, enter your email address as your username and click Forgot Your Password?.
Once you are logged in as a club/league administrator, you can give admin access to other board and staff members. Access the help guide on User Permissions to give the desired permissions to each admin. Admin users can use the same credentials when registering online and logging into their Member Acount if they are registering players or as a coach.

  • What if we are allowing players to play up in age? How does that work?

You can either expand the age settings on the category folders so players can register online to an older age group, or you can direct them to register to their correct age category and then they can be moved by the administrator to an older category after registration using the Re-Register tool (find player > select name > re-register).

  • Can I charge different fees per age group?

Yes. Fees can be customized per registration 'category' (Boys U11, Girls, U11, etc.). Once teams are created, club/league admins can add easily add team fees or credits anytime.

  • How do I add additional categories to my event?

In order to add a category to your event, you will first need to add a folder to your navigation. If you are adding a player category, select the Coach Pool folder and then click Add Folder. Once the folder is added, click on your Event folder (calendar icon to the left) and then select the Registrants tab. Edit Event Name & Settings, scroll to the bottom of the page to select Add New Category and follow the prompts for adding the folder as category.

  • Can I run tryouts in Connect? Do I have the ability to charge fees and how will it work?

Yes you can easily set up a Tryout Event using the setup guide linked. Utilizing this type of event allows players to register for tryouts (with or without a fee) and be placed on a team. Once assigned to a team within your club, you will select the Notify Assigned button in the Assign Participant screen which will send an email to the registrant linking them to their member account to accept or reject the team placement. Once they click accept from their account, the base fee will be applied to the account balance for members to pay or sign up for an installment plan, depending on the payment options you allow.

  • What does the auto-confirm setting do?

Auto-confirmation is a club approval process typically related to payments. Recommended practice is to turn auto-confiramtion ON for credit card and ACH payments and OFF for cash/check payments. This means that once payment is received, the player will be confirmed and available to be assigned to a team. If auto-confirm is off, players/coaches will remain in a pending status until a club/league administrator manually confirms the registrant. Leaving this setting off for cash/check payments ensures players are not rostered until payment is received.

A confirmed status in Connect also means that player/coach data is sent to your State Association for verifications, background checks, team approvals, etc. Some clubs/leagues may wish to turn this setting off for coaches so they can ensure the coaches that have registered are going to coach for them before a background check is ran.

  • Where can I find more information on Website Builder?

View a series of articles and videos on how to use Website Builder in our Knowledge Base.

  • What can I do if a family creates a duplicate account?

If a family creates more than one member account, the club administrator can use the Merge tool to combine all existing accounts into the primary for ease of communication and registration purposes.

  • What can I do as a club administrator if a family forgets their login information or password?

A club/league admin can access the family member account from their user access to view or change their Username, as well as send a temporary password to the member's email.

  • Can you delete a registration?

You cannot delete a registration record for historical purposes. You can 'reject' the player or coach so they will not show as available to be assigned to teams. The record will still show as rejected on the Find view. To reject a player or coach you will find their record, select financial information, reject and update status.

  • How can I quickly tell which players have not uploaded photos or birth documents and email them?

Run a Participant Detail report (Select folder > Reports > Participants > Detail Report). Ensure display items include at a minimum Name, Email, Member Photo Uploaded, and Birth Certificate/Document ID Uploaded. Add filters Member Photo Uploaded equal to No and/or Birth Certificate/Document ID Uploaded equal to No. Run report and click Email All.

  • Where can medical releases be printed?

Medical releases can be printed in three locations. 1) By a club/league admin by selecting a team, scrolling down to Coaches & Players and selecting Print Medical Release Forms for Team Roster. 2) By a parent by logging into their member account, selecting My Registrations, find player event and select Print Form. 3) Coaches or team managers from Team Connect on the Roster tab.

  • Where can rosters be printed?

Rosters can be printed once teams are approved. As an admin, select the team, category or event you want to print for and go to Reports > Folders & Teams > Admin Roster. Coaches can also print the rosters from Team Connect by select the Roster tab, clicking Print Rosters & Medical Releases and selecting the Official Stack Sports Full Roster.

  • Where can cards be printed?

Cards can be printed once teams are approved. As an admin, select the team, category or event you want to print for and go to Members > Print Member Cards.

  • How do I assign players and coaches to the roster before and after team activation?

Once players have registered and been confirmed, they can be assigned to a team by an administrator. Coaches will have their Background check status (Cleared or Not Cleared) displayed and may be restricted from being assigned to a team until they have been cleared, depending on your State configuration.

Once the roster is finalized, the administrator can request team activation in bulk or individually. If the team does not meet all of the required rules set by the state, an error message will appear that must be corrected before you can request activation again. Once the activation request has been successfully submitted, you can view the approval status on the individual team page or select Find > Team to view all team approvals.

Approved teams can then print cards and rosters and register to a league or tournament, if applicable. Once the team is activated, players and coaches can be assigned to teams as long as they meet all of the state rules for activation. Your team will not need to be re-approved.

  • What is Team Connect?

Team Connect is an extension of your Club & League software that syncs team information from registration to the app. Coaches, team admins, and club admins can communicate, view and edit team calendars, track attendance, upload photos, and much more! The club/league admin must enable Team Connect for each team which will send an invite code to all rostered.

  • How do I register my team for a league or State Cup event?

In the role of an administrator with the correct permissions, you have the option of selecting an individual team to register or bulk Team Registration to a league or tournament. Once the team has been registered, you can manage the league/tournament roster from your club portal.

  • After I register a team to a league or tournament, will the roster automatically connect?

Yes. Registerting teams through the system automatically syncs rosters including player/coach eligibility and compliance. If the league or tournament uses US Soccer Connect for scheduling, games will flow back to the club and team (Team Connect). Game day rosters and match reports will also sync with all entities, if applicable.


  • Who has access to my personal details and how do you ensure minors accounts are protected?

Stack Sports operates the Connect software platform under the conditions of our General Privacy Policy.

Administrative access is provided only to our employees to carry out product related activities and authorized administrative users of the Sports Organizations that have implemented the Connect software .Throughout the Stack Sports product family we also operate and manage a Connect Children's Privacy Policy for the management of personal information for Children under the age of 13.

  • How secure is the Stack Sports Connect system and software?

Stack Sports Connect software platform is fully (PCI DSS) compliant which is the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard that governs and ensures that ALL companies that accept, process, store or transmit credit card information maintain a secure environment.

We also maintain operational procedures for COPPA compliance which is the Children's Online Privacy Protection Rule directive for collecting personal information online from a child under the age of 13.

We furthermore have integrated document encryption, User Permissions access control and all Club's and Leagues also own their own personnel data within the Connect platform.

  • How often are background checks conducted, how long do they take and what is the process?

Background Checks are conducted on a regular basis at the State Association's discretion. Coaches and team officials must register online in order to agree to the authorization and disclosure agreement that allows the State Association to submit the background check.

This process can take one day or up to several weeks depending on the background results reported. Coaches can login to their member account to view their status - Cleared or Not Cleared.

The State reserves the right to determine individual eligibility for youth coaching based solely on the Background report findings and also the right to request further information or explanation of any incidents as they see fit.

  • What if I cannot find the answers to my question either in FAQ's or the Help Center where do I go?

If you cannot locate the answer to your question either in these FAQ's or the State Registration Help Center, please go to the Stack Sports Connect Knowledge Base to search for articles and videos on Association Connect, Club & League Connect and Team Connect.