Alabama Soccer Association

The Birmingham-area "Central Region" adult leagues will use a single Stack Sports link for registering players and paying ASA member fees. The registration steps are very easy, so players should have no problem registering. Cost for ASA adult player registration for 2019-20 is $20.00 plus a .60 processing fee.

When players register with ASA using the Central Region weblink, they will then be able to register for any BHM / Central Region ASA sanctioned league (Homewood O-30, BPL, VHSC La Liga) by using the normal process they have used before, and will not have to pay any additional fees to ASA. This will eliminate the need for multiple charges on the part of leagues or players.

Players will not be able to register for a specific league until they have registered with the Central Region pool first.

Nor will the league need collect money on behalf of ASA. Leagues, however, may elect to charge players an internal league fee at your own discretion. You should be able to set up additional league-level fees with your own admin structure.

For Questions please contact:
Russell Richey
VP Adults - Alabama Soccer Association