Alabama Soccer Association

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    Fifa 20 Online Event Rules

    Registration: $5 per tournament

    How will players play?‚Äč

    • This is a 1v1 Tournament
    • At a mutually agreed upon time between Home and Away players.
    • Players will play on their own console

    Divisions: XBOX or PS4 (Youth Divisions) - There will be 2 Ps4 brackets of 16 players, and 2 xbox brackets of 16 players.


    • Only ASA registered players
    • Must use FIFA 20 only
    • Select professional team to compete with for the event. Not ultimate teams.
    • Grand Finale per console
    • Bracket Elimination format
    • Game length must be 10 minute halves
    • All games require a winner, play additional "extra times" until a winner is made.
    • If a player other than you plays under your gamertag you will be disqualified.


    • Player listed on top of matchup is the home player.
    • Player listed on bottom of matchup is the away player.

    How to report score

    • Home player must contact their opponent (using XBOX Live or PS4 messaging) and confirm an agreed upon time to play their match.
      • If the Home Team messages the Away Team and there is no response within 2 hours, message again.
      • If by the end of the day the Away Team never responds and 3 attempts have taken place, the Home Team advances.
      • Home Team must send proof of three attempts to the
      • If the Home Team never messages the Away Team by 3 PM, the Away Team must message the Home Team and if no response by end of day, then the Away team advances but must send proof of the attempt to the
    • Game must be played on the assigned day and time slot.
    • Winning player must take a picture/screenshot of the final score and include with system and division you are in
    • When reporting score, winning player must include both players gamer tags.
    • Winning players must report scores no later than the deadlines listed above.
      • If no score is reported, then both players are eliminated and a bye is awarded to the next opponent.
      • If a match is unable to be played, both players are eliminated and a bye is awarded to the next opponent.
      • If one player is unable to agree with the opponent on time to play, then both players will be disqualified from the event.
      • If a player does not show up to the agreed upon time to play, then that player has 15 minutes to play.
      • If a player doesn't show up after 15 minutes on the agreed upon time, their opponent should screenshot the agreed upon time in the XBOX or PS4 messenger and send to the email and/or phone number listed above.

    Reporting of any bullying, profanity, inappropriate language, or behavior should be reported to