Alabama Soccer Association


Referee Fees for ASL

2019-20 Fees for Youth Games
Division Age Group Single Game Four Games
1 17U-19U $200 $800
1 15U-16U $180 $720
1 13U-14U $165 $660
2 17U-19U $180 $720
2 15U-16U $165 $660
2 13U-14U $145 $580
2 12U $123 $492

Academy 9U - 11U $35 per game


1. What happens if no referee shows up to cover a game?

If the referee does not show up at least 15 minutes past your scheduled start time (providing this is not a game that is backed up to another on the same field) you can see if either team has a licensed referee. If there is a licensed referee and both teams agree, he/she can officiate the game, and game will count. If there is not a licensed referee on either team, game will need to be rescheduled. Home team will email information to Lynn Bertovic, State Administrator within 24 hours.

2. If my game is running late due to other games in front causing the delay, can I find a referee that can start my game on another field?

NO. Games are stacked on a field to help for referee coverage. Please be patient.

3. Can teams be notified prior to their game if they will not have referees?

Yes. However, we do not want to haphazardly cancel matches. We will notify teams if the best scenario is to move the game to a alternate time/location. We recognize the inconvenience of showing up and there is no coverage.

4. What happens if a team has to reschedule a match due to no referees?

Every effort will be made to reschedule the game. If neither team can come up with a date, then ASA will schedule the match during the rain out period.

No coaches should contact the assignor.

Thank you for understanding!